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 Size Charts 



Measure your Hand for Impressive Fit Gloves

Size Chart for the Length of Hand

Measure from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist (bottom of your palm) as shown by the black line in the illustration. The number of inches or centimeters should equal your glove size. 

Glove Size

Inches Centimeters
Small 6-7 16-17 cm


7¼-7¾ 17-18 cm
Large 8-8½ 19-20.5 cm
XLarge 8¾-9¼ 21- 23 cm
XXLarge 9½-10 24.1- 25.4 cm

IMPRESSIVE FIT Gloves designed for Men  (Women are LOVING  these too)


Impressive Glove
- Smooth Cuff

Smooth Cuff Impressive Fit Gloves



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Impressive Glove
- Velcro Cuff


 With Velcro Wrist Tab

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