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Raynaud's Gloves

What are Prolotex™ Far Infrared Raynaud's Gloves?

Prolotex™ Far Infrared Raynaud's Gloves are an alternative, complementary and affordable treatment for Raynaud's Disease.

All Prolotex™ products are made with the same safe Bio Ceramic Far Infrared material that many of our customers know, love and rely on a daily basis.

Prolotex™ Far Infrared Therapy products are embedded with all-natural Bio Ceramics that naturally emit Far Infrared Rays. Bio Ceramics are natural minerals and stones that naturally emit FIR-so you don’t have to worry about plugging anything in or buying any batteries.

Gloves for Treating Raynaud's:



Soothing Raynaud's Gloves and Socks help reduce the severity

Soothing Raynaud's Gloves and Socks help reduce the severity and number of Raynaud’s attacks by improving microcirculation in your fingers, & hands. Feel the difference as natural far infrared rays gently penetrate to warm and restore blood flow right to the tips of your fingers.

No matter what form of Raynaud’s Syndrome you suffer from, Raynaud's Gloves can help. Whether diagnosed as Raynaud’s disease, Raynaud’s Phenomenon or occupational Raynaud’s, the primary symptoms are the same: blood vessels and small arteries in your hands spasm and contract violently. This is normally caused by hypersensitive nerve receptors in your fingers.

The slightest exposure to cold or emotional stress can trigger an attack. When your fingers turn white, it indicates total blood deprivation.

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Raynaud's Gloves

 Code: PRO-G25
Style: Stretchy Full Fingertip
Color: Black
Wrist Type: Supportive
Sold In: Pairs
1 Sizes: Fits M-L

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Retail Price: $49.95 US

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new   Stretchy FIR Gloves for Treating Raynaud's:

 New Stretchy Knit Full Fingertip Raynaud's Gloves are perfect treating your Raynaud's condition.

Good Gloves for Raynauds
Stretchy Gloves - Unisex

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